things more expensive than a Bali holiday

Here's All Of The Things More Expensive Than A Bali Holiday

28 May 2019
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Spoiler alert: Everything. 
Bali is just one of those destinations, you know. Perfect any time of year, brimming with things to do, delicious things to eat and beautiful beaches (as well as lush jungles) a Bali holiday is a no-brainer. 
The best part is how gosh darn affordable it is thanks to our wide range of flights, amazing accommodation deals and some of the best activities to add on, all year ‘round. 
It’s pretty hard to beat flights starting from $200 but if you really have to rationalise it, we’ve compiled a super accurate and handy list of all (read: loosely accurate and a small handful) of the things more expensive than a Bali holiday. Which, see above, is pretty much everything. Durr…
The info contained herein is, of course, based on rigorous, exhaustive research. Aka the straw poll I conducted on my desk mates five minutes ago. 
Eat, pray, love, people. 

Paying for your annual car rego 

Necessary but boring and expensive. A beach day at La Plancha sounds way more appealing. 

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Private health insurance

Not that you shouldn’t insure your health but surely you’d prefer to be floating above Ubud's lush rice paddys?

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An annual membership to your local pool

We're no stranger to picturesque pools in Australia (Icebergs, anyone) but we think your daily laps at the Hanging Gardens of Bali will barely feel like exercise. 

Having your wisdom teeth removed

Ugh, unpleasant and expensive. Why not sink your remaining teeth into a scrumptious meal at Mama San, La Looch (La Lucciola), Barbacoa, The Slow, Merah Putih or one of the many award-winning eateries across the islands.   

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A tank of petrol to Dubbo (from any Australian capital city)

The Dubbo Zoo is definitely worth the drive but it’s got nothing on cliffhanging in Nusa Penida. 

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Buying a nice meal for two with matched wines in Iceland

Sure, Iceland has the Northern Lights but Bali has amazing fresh food and beautiful beaches. Big tropical mood.  

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Doing your weekly family groceries

You gotta eat, we know, but for about the same price as a weekly shop for a family of four, you could hop on a plane and say B-Y-E-E-E to the Australian shores for a week. 

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Gettin' your hair did 

Look good, feel good. But for a fraction of the price as your local salon, you could visit a beachside ‘salon’ and have your hair done in the traditional ‘Aussie on a Bali holiday’ ‘do. Braids are timeless, didn’t ya know?  

Hitting the shops for some retail therapy 

You better school up on your batering skills but there's nothing like snagging a bargain at Bali's famous markets. Buy all the things for a fraction of the price as in Australia. 
things more expensive than a Bali holiday Get your shop on in Bali. Image: Getty.

A house wine anywhere on the waterfront in Australia 

Or any generic lager, in a trendy inner-city bar versus a colourful margarita at party palace Motel Mexicola. 

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Making any adult-life purchase

If you have managed to break your avo toast habit to save for a house (LOLZZZ), then you’ll know just how expensive it is. Way more than a holiday in Bali. Ergo: book your Bali holiday now.

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